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What is a Race Night?

Using HD quality mp4 files of actual horses, they are shown on a large screen or inhouse TV system, guests enjoy an evening of selecting and then cheering on their favourite horse. A race night can be one of the most successful fundraising events with a NO RISK format. There are lots of different fundraising streams available both before the night and on the night itself.

Fundraising Prior To The Event

Some people will tell you The Race Card is not important – We say it’s the most important revenue stream you can maximise. All of this revenue is generated prior to the event by selling Sponsorship, and Horses.

1. The Main Sponsor

Ideally you will target a local business to become the main event sponsors and they would normally cover the cost of the event €725 – The Gold Star Package.  This leaves everything else as PROFIT!

The “Main Sponsor” would normally get exposure on the front cover (logo), back page (full page advert) and also on the screen on the night during the professional sponsors video produced for your event.

2. Race Sponsors

You will target local business to sponsors a race on the night. The business will get exposure both in the race card – Full page advert opposite the race they are sponsoring and also their advert on the screen prior to the race being show –excellent exposure compared to other race night operators

3. Adverts

Local business will be asked to place an advert in the race booklet either full page or half page. The more adverts you achieve the more revenue and profit you will make.

4. Selling Horses, Jockeys & Trainers

The sale of the Horses, Jockeys & Trainers prior to your event is another key revenue stream that you should utilise to ensure maximum profits. Again this is a NO RISK option.

Each Horse, Jockey or Trainer is sold for a set price (normally €10 each)9 Races €10 per Horse, Jockey & Trainer will generate €2,160 revenue and €1080 PROFIT!

Fundraising On The Night

1. Tote Betting

Guests on the night will have a change to choose from the race card the horse that they would like to place their bet on. They will be encouraged and advised by the MC how this is done. If the horse they have picked wins, they will get paid pack a percentage of the money taken in.

2. Auction Race

The final race of the night is a great opportunity to raise some serious funds for your event. The professional MC on the will auction off each of the final 8 horse to the highest bidders on the night. The owner of the winning horse bought in the auction will receive a percentage of the money taken in during the auction.

3. Raffle

We would always suggest having a raffle on the night. Depending on numbers attending you will generate extra revenue will little or no outlay. This is always a positive way to end the night and send lots of your guests home happy and looking forwards to your next fundraiser.