How Much Can I Raise

The most important and most often asked questions…. How Much Can We Raise…? The revenue generated depends on you and your group of volunteers. The more organised you are prior to the event the better the outcome will be.

Outlined is an example of what an average sized group should achieve by following our proven template for your race night.

Of course the more you sell your event the more money you can raise.

Before the Night Events Your Revenue
Main Sponsor (€500 – €1,000) €500
Selling Horses, Jockeys & Trainers in 9 Races at €10 €1080
10 Sponsors for the 10 Races at €150 €1,500
Additional Adverts at €100 €1,000
On the Night Events Your Revenue
Betting per race on the night €1,000
Raffles tickets €300
The Auction Race €400
Average Revenue Total €5,730
The cost of the event is deducted from your revenue - €725
Profit Remaining €5,055

NOTE : The above is all just a sample of an average club and the template that we suggest to help you maximise the potentional for your event. The more you sell the more profit you will make, it’s a simply formula that has worked for so many groups and is RISK FREE.